Monrak Transistor

Once he's doing well
he forgets his family
She could have died without us
What about rainwater, Dad?
It's less tasty in the city!
The city is damn filthy!
How can rain taste good?
Oy! Yes?
Take care of my baby
Of course, and I want to see
Pan's blood when you get back!

Can I help you?
We're looking for the singer Pan
My husband!
I've brought him rainwater
There's a show at Wat Mai tonight
they've all gone to prepare for it
Shit! How can we get to that temple?
You could take a water taxi
Or the number 40 bus
Is Pan famous yet?
You'll see...
What are the Four Virtues?
1: Food to eat 2?
Place to stay 3?
Hole to pierce 4?
Staying power!
Where's Plern?
There's a big crowd waiting...
Found him yet?
Not yet, dunno where he's got to
Go find him!
The bastard!
He's pulled this act once too often!
I'll tie up his balls
with a rubber band!