Moulin Rouge!

Wait? Wait?Uh--
There's a power in you
that scares me.

- You should go.
- I just got here.

Yes, but we'll see each other
every day during rehearsal.

We-We must wait.
We must wait until opening night.

Get out.
Do you have any idea--
any idea what would have happened...

if you were found--
Oh! Oh, my G--
- Let's have a little peekaboo.
Oh, right on target.
Right. I'll put her in bed.
I'll put you in bed.
I forgot my hat.
- Foul play?
- She--

- Oh, Duke.
- It's a little bit funny,

this feeling inside.
Beautifully spoken, Duke.
Yes, let me introduce you. The writer.

- The writer?
- Yes, we were rehearsing.

You expect me to believe that scantily
clad, in the arms of another man,

in the middle of the night,
inside an elephant, you were rehearsing?

How's the rehearsal going?
- Shall we take it from the top, eh?
- I hope the piano's in tune.

-Sorry. Got held up.
- Can I offer you a drink?

Oh, my goodness!
When I spoke those words to you
before, you--you filled me
with such inspiration.

Yes, I realized how much work we
had to do, so I called everyone
for an emergency rehearsal.

If you're rehearsing,
where's Zidler?

- We didn't bother Harold.
- My dear Duke, I'm most terribly sorry.

Harold, you made it. It's all right.
The Duke knows about
the emergency rehearsal.

- Emergency rehearsal?
- Mmm, to incorporate
the Duke's artistic idea.

- Hmm?
- I'm sure Audrey will be
only too delighted--