Moulin Rouge!

" Life is "
" Now you're in "
"The world "
How wonderful
life was, now Satine was in the world.

Butin the Duke,
Zidler had got ten much more
than he had bargained for.

The conversion of the
Moulin Rouge into a theater will
cost a fantastic sum of money.

So in return,
I would require a contract...

that, um, uh,
binds Satine to me...

Naturally, I shall require
some security.

I shall require the deeds
to the Moulin Rouge.

My dear Duke, I--
Please! Don't think
that I'm naive, Zidler.

I shall hold the deeds
to the Moulin Rouge.

- And if there are any shenanigans,
- I--

my man servant Warner...
will deal with it
in the only language...

that you underworld
show folk understand.

Satine will be mine.
It's not that I'm
a jealous man.

I just don't like...
other people
touching my things!

I... understand...
completely, Duke.
Good. Now that we have
an understanding,

it would appear that, uh,
you have the means...

to transform
your beloved Moulin Rouge--

Into a theater!
I shall woo Satine
over supper tonight.

We will have created...
the world's first
completely modern,

entirely electric,
totally bohemian,
all-singing, all-dancing...