Mulholland Dr.

Ten bucks says you're Betty.
Yes I am, Mrs Lenoix.
It is Mrs Lenoix, isn't it?
In all my living glory, baby!
Pleased to meet you.
Just call me Coco,
everybody else does.

- I'll go and get the key.
- OK, Coco!

Wilkins?! Wilkins!
If that damn dog craps
in the courtyard one more time

I'm gonna bake his little butt
for breakfast!

- You don't have any pets, do you?
- Oh, no.

Well, they're allowed,
I just don't like them.

There was a man that lived here once
that had a prize-fighting kangaroo.

You just wouldn't believe what that
kangaroo did to this courtyard.

Let's go see your aunt's apartment.
It's a good one.

I can hardly wait.
It's unbelievable!
(Coco ) I told you.
(Betty ) Oh, wow!

You and your aunt have
an understanding, so here's the key.