Mulholland Dr.

does it make you remember anything?
There is something...
there. I...
- What did you say?
- (Woman ) 'They fired everyone.'

Who fired everyone?
'Ray did. Wait,
I'm talking on the phone.

'And then they closed the set
and everybody's gone.

'You'd better get down here, Adam.'
'You've got to talk to Ray.
You've gotta fix this.'

- I'm going home.
- 'Home?!

'Meet me at the office,
we've gotta do something, Adam!'

I'm going home, Cynthia.
'Adam, this...this isn't like you.
'Please, there must be
something we can do.'

I'm going home.
I wonder where you were going.
Mulholland Drive.
Mulholland Drive?
That's where I was going...
Mulholland Drive.
Maybe that's where the accident was.
There must be a police report -
we could call.

- No!
- We could call anonymously

to see if there was an accident.
Come on, it'll be
just like in the movies.

We'll pretend to be someone else.
I wanna walk around anyway,
I'm in Hollywood
and I haven't seen any of it.