Mulholland Dr.

Let's hide it.
There's one.
(Ringing tone )
'Hollywood Police Department.'
I'm inquiring about an accident
last night on Mulholland Drive.

'Hold, please,
I'll connect you to Traffic.'

- 'Sergeant Baxter.'
- Hi, I'm enquiring...

Well, I heard a sound last night
that was sorta like a car crash

and I wanna know if there was
an accident on Mulholland Drive.

- 'Yes, there was.'
- Can you tell me what happened?

- 'No, I can't.'
- Was anyone hurt?

'May I have your name, please?'
There was an accident.
He wouldn't tell me anything else
but that was your accident, I'm sure.

(Sighs ) Maybe there's something
about it in the papers.

I'll buy you a coffee and we can see.
Maybe it happened so late
it's not in today's paper.

There's nothing?