Mulholland Dr.

Don't sit so...rigid,
just...just relax.
The two of you are alone
and it's real comfortable.
Like you've known each other forever.
Even if you don't say anything,
it's real comfortable.

Hank, can you just clear the set?
There's too many people around here.

Let's get this worked out.
(Hank) Clear the set, please,
everyone have a cup of coffee.

Everyone, please!
- Can Diane stay?
- Yeah, sure, Diane can stay.

- Um...Hank, let Diane stay.
- Diane.

Now, when she starts to cry,
don't pull her towards you.
Let her fall into you.
Just let her fall.
Now, when you kiss her,
it's just a continuation
of that move.

There's no break.
Kill the lights!
Don't be mad.
Don't make it be like this.
Oh, sure, you want me
to make this easy for you?

No. No fucking way,
it's not gonna be!

- It's not easy for me!
- Diane...

(Sobbing breaths )