Mare, she's into rock 'n' roll.
Ouch. See ya. Bye!
OK, I'm coming.
Turn that music doWn
or I'll chuck it all out.

After tWo hours
of patient stalking.

the little giraffe didn't
stand a chance.

Get up! You've been
in bed all morning.

You do nothing around
the house...

In the savannah food chain
All I do is wash, iron, clean.
Good afternoon, Auntie ela.
Fuck you and your
"good afternoons"!

For the past tWo years.
You stinker!
Someone kicked your
ass again, eh?

What's that on your face?
Pop and Mare's plan for today:
A: rehearsal and meeting
With Goyko the Tit

about the studio.
B: Mare's mission is
to bang ola, 322-1 847.

and become a man. you pussy.
Did you fuck me?
ook at these kids, just
like When I was a kid.

Doing the same things
for centuries:

the same Words, mess,
impudence, arrogance

and folly, folloWed by the
same adult Wisdom.