Click! Help!
My friend and I Were
in the john at some club.

.When someone knocks on the door.
He's all flushed and looks straight at ola.
The boys' room is over there.
isten, We have a band, too.
Doesn't have a name yet,
but We've got some Wicked

stuff. Drum'n'bass,
yelling, you knoW, rage.

Maybe you could be.say, on the cover.
ook, I'm totally freaked.
Maybe it's stupid, but I told myself:
'Mare, my man, make a move. NoW!'
Who's taking you home?
Hey, Who's taking you home, sister?!
I didn't. Honest.
I figured it out.
Whenever you say
honest, you lie. Honest!

Hey! Come back!
-Bring back the key!

I knoW Where you live!
What a night!
-.for a break-up.

It was nice meeting you,
but We've got some business.
You'll see each other
around. Come on, Pop!

Hey, Wonkers! Give us the key back!
Hi, honey!
I'm doWntoWn With some girlfriends.
Yeah, they're hot. Put ola on.
I'm on my way. See you. Bye.
ola's got a gig tonight at 'Bedrock'
Forget love and stuff.
We're not going to 'Bedrock'.
Come on. Guitars
and shit. Sorry, you're

really cute but you'll
have to go on your oWn.

Hello, Pop! We're
going to 'Bedrock', man.

ook, me and my
buddy have a band.

It doesn't have a name yet.
But We've got Wicked tunes.
Drum and bass. It's mad!
The oWner Will help us record.
The oWner?

-Goyko the Tit.

Goyko is my boyfriend.