It's going to the dogs.
As usual, no?
Is this your 20th
graduation anniversary?

isten to this kid.
Package deal.
So that's it,
brotherhood and unity of the 1 980s .

No, We're 'turbo diesel folk'.
I thought you guys Were extinct.
Omar Shariff.
Want some gum?
Are you some sort of candy girl?
What's 'in' nowadays?
What are the youth of today up to.?
This and that.
ocate your place in the.
.coordinate system of confusion.
I really don't have any problems.
I feel so fresh that it's
almost embarrassing.

Man, the chicks here
are a total disaster.

Sorry, there are like tWo bed-Worthy.
The rest are a disaster.
So, Popovich has decided
to dance With you.

I have tWo kinds of problems.
Those that bother me
and those With no solution.

First kind: We have a band
and gave Gojko the

Tit 1 50 bucks for a

Goyko is a tit and a shit.
but he's supposed to do us a

The other problem is that.
I'm 25 and I still live With my mom.
Honest? -No shit.
See all these people here?
We all live With our folks.
That's not the problem.
I live With my grandmother too.
Just locate your place
in the coordinate system of

confusion. Get it?
Maybe one of you could
fix my coordinate thing!

I understand them.
The Whole war thing,
the news. the situation.