It is because they had excellent leaders.
I will fight by myself.
I was the one who made us head to Korea.
I made us save the Princess...
I started this all.

Whether we go home or not,
fight for your name...

This is the time for all of us to unite.
It is none of your business.
This is my war.
Distribute liquor to the soldiers and
let them sleep until the sun is fully up.

We have to capture the Princess
and return to the base as soon as possible.

For the past three months,
we haven't had a single day's peace.

We need to attack them quickly!
What if Ming's troops come...

Only two people know were are here.
Us, and them.

How many of us will survive?
stay with me.
Wow! Thank you brother.
It is relatively safe at the coast and sides
of the castle. We need to protect the front.

Monk, take care of the Princess
and the elderly people.

The Interpreter and I will
take care the front gate.

You and Dochoong in the east
- Yeosol and HA-Il will protect in the west....
- Dochoong and I will cover the east

what about me, sir?
Dansaeng has something for you to do.
Don't come out, never! You hear?
Stay there.
You'll be in big trouble
if you make one move.

Don't come out...