My First Mister

I gotta live on the top floor so i
can grasp all of life that i can.

No what?
I'm sorry,
but i have my preferences.

What kind of preferences?
No tattoos, piercings
or potential for loud hip-hop.

- I hate hip-hop.
- Yeah, she hates hip-hop.

And the tattoos aren't even real.
This phase shall also pass.
This is a highly intelligent girl.
She's an incredible poet.
One day she's gonna be very famous.

You know, famous people
know other famous people.

You're gonna wake up,
look out your window one morning...

and who's that
that's visiting her?

- It's...
- regis philbin.

- Yeah.
- Regis?

She's gonna know regis?
And other people too.
Movie stars. Keanu reeves.
Who's she?
- She sometimes guests on regis.
- She's a good guest.

I'll take it.
- Just like that?
- I'm like that.

Don't you have any questions?
Yes. Will you christen
the place with me?

What do you mean by "christen"?
Dance with me.
Oh, i can't do that.
Why not?
Well, there isn't any music.
If i'm ever gonna dance,
i need my music.

If you listen very carefully,
you can hear it.

What do you mean? Like,
"if you build it, they will come"?

I don't hear anything.
So is this good
for your daughter?

My daughter loves the place.
I can't believe i'm getting
my own apartment.

It's so grown-up and scary.
- When will you tell your parents?
- Why don't you tell them?

Yeah, right.
"A home is a place
where you keep your socks...

and socks are for keeping
everything warm."

That's my grandma.
Come on, rasta man.
Share something with me.