Nico and Dani

Can I step out?
EIena's here.
She wants us to go out
with her and Berta.

Weren't we going hunting?
Yes, but they've bought
sandwiches and beer.

-I'm sick of sandwiches!
-AII right.

See you Iater?
Hurry up.

We'II wait for you.
-No, Iike this.

Why don't you sit here?
You can embrace me.
There's no need
to get pissed off.

As if you ask me
what I want to do.

AII I'm saying is... forget it.
ljust wanted to hunt
or camp out with you.

But since we met them,
the first day you arrived...

we spend aII day
running around...

with the sandwiches
and the boomerang.

Nico, you haven't
seen yourseIf.

We need ice and rubbers.
Go get some rubbers.
Okay. That's it.
We make dinner
and then screw them.

-Is that what you want?
-That's what we want.

What's up is that you're
afraid and don't like Berta.