Nico and Dani

Everything is spinning.
I'm afraid I'II faII.

I feII asIeep and
it hurts here.

That's from drinking.
What can we do?
Dad takes AIka-SeItzer.
-Get it.
-Go get it, fast.

Let's go home.
No, you can't go now.
-We couId put her in the pooI.

-God, Nico!
-Not in the pooI.

To cooI you off a bit.
Let's go to the bathroom.
-What a bummer!

You sure you don't
want to sIeep here?

We'II see you home.
We'II caII a cab.

Wait, she could faII.
ShouId I tie her?

You sure?
-I want Coca-CoIa.
-But what are you doing?

I'II be away aII day.
I must heIp my father.

But Iater we couId...
-Can l have a kiss?

Let's go.
Okay. There you go.
-Thanks for coming.

Let's go inside.
You'II catch a coId.

-What is this?
-This is a hickey.

You want a smoke?
Want some grass?

-You feeIing bad?

What's the matter?
I'm sick and tired
of so much Krampack.

I want to fuck and
you suggest trios.

I was about to make it,
and then you showed up.