Nirgendwo in Afrika

I don’t care.
There are a lot of other kids here.
But be careful! They all have malaria.

I don’t want you to be ill.
You can’t change it! A white kid
isn’t a black kid.

Never eat anything they give you!
Never enter their homes!

Swallow this!
That tastes so nasty.
You get blind too!

Bullshit! Open your mouth!
Hey mum? Tonight they want to
celebrate for their ancestors.

They want to slaughter a lamb to
pray to God Hnai to ask for rain.

He lives on Mount Kenia.
And in the trees as well.

That’s going to be a huge party.
They pray for rain. That’s important.
The negros do it like this as well?
Says who?
What shall I do with you?
You know, grandma used to say?
Don’t worry about Regina.
She knows what she does!

“She knows what she does”.
That’s what grandma used to say.

So, don’t worry ma!
I’m so scared that something
happens to you.

Toto? Toto!