Nirgendwo in Afrika

No, we don't have a cook.
How do you know all that?
How did you find us?

Rummler has a good nose.
A bit of flour.
It's a young male and a young female.
They walked into the woods.
They are lost.
It's dangerous during the night.
That's an angel.
He lives in heaven.
And what's that?
Those are wings.
He needs those to fly in heaven.
Have you ever seen an angel?
No. You can't see angels.
You can't see your dead relatives either.
Yes. Angels protect us too,
if we are in danger.
I'm an angel...
and scare off the bad ghosts!
Come here!
No !
Hmmm, kids.
Come over here!
Go away ! Go away !
When you come back I wont be a child anymore.
Bullshit. i'll be back soon.
Every vacation.