On the Line

-Just go ahead now
-One has--

And that's some bread now

This one said
he wants to buy you rockets

Ain't in his head
Marry him or marry me
KEVIN: It all started
because of a girl at a party.

KEVIN SINGING: I ain't got
no future or family tree

KEVIN: Spring, 1994.
That was our band--Granite.

We were all about the rock.
I mean, we were hardcore.

And ifyou want
to tell me maybe

Just go ahead now
And ifyou want
to buy me flowers

Just go ahead now
And ifyou like to talk
for hours

Just go ahead now
Go ahead now
-CROWD: Granite! Granite!

CROWD: Granite! Granite!
And this was the moment.

My big chance to impress
the girl ofmy dreams.

-Kev, I got a great idea.

Why don't we just sing
the ballad that I wrote...

dedicate it to her...
and then when it's over,
just ask her out.

What are you, stupid?
She's right there.

All right,
let's do the ballad.

I can do this.
GIRL: Granite!
Yeah, Kevin, you can do it.

-Come on, Kevin.
-Don't be such a wuss.

-Come on, just do it.

KEVIN: I didn't do it.
Ijust froze.

Come on, Kevin,
don't be a tulip!

My heart started pounding.

-My pits started sweating.
-CROWD: Aw...

I felt naked up there.

What is it?
I can't believe it, man.
That story gets funnier
every time I hear it.

Thanks for the support.

Man, come on.
You know what your problem is?

I think it's
a lack of self-confidence.

I mean, I know you go out
on dates and everything...

but I think when you find
the girl of your dreams...

you can't seal the deal,
you know?

Pick the fruit, spit the wad.
-You know what I'm saying?
-No, I don't.