Original Sin

I understand.
I know Miss Russell was distressed.

But we wrote to her several weeks ago.
I'm sure when she receives the letter,
she will be much relieved.

Then Miss Julia is all right?
More than all right.
And more than Miss Julia.

She's SeƱora Vargas, my wife.
So you are married?
-That's good news.
-Happily married.

I can see that.
What a mystery a happy marriage is.
The bloom in the cheek,
the spark in the eye.

-It shows, I guess.
-Yes, indeed.

Miss Russell will be pleased to hear of it.
I'd appreciate if you'd tell her.
I will indeed.
And I'll be even more convincing
when I've met your wife.

Yes, yes.
Why not?
We will be home Sunday afternoon.
You want to come by for a coffee?
Yes, I will.
Convey to your wife
how much I look forward to seeing her.

Outside, please. On the terrace.
Do as she says.
Just in time.
This is for Sunday paseo,
and this one for weekdays.

Fine, fine.
And the rest?
This one I like.
What do you mean?
There are seven days in a week.

Is there nothing in your trunk?
Nothing good. Anyway, I've lost the key.
We'll get a locksmith.
It's an easy job. Actually...

...l'll do it myself.
No, I want to show you something. Come.
You must leave now.
I'm going to kiss my husband.