Pearl Harbor

I want you to meet
my friends.

Rafe, this is Martha,
Barbara, Sandra.

- Hi. I'm Betty.
- Hi.

Would you happen
to have any friends?

Take your pick.
We ever get in this war
and somethin' happens to me...

I can't tell you how good
it makes me feel to know...

that someone as sweet as you will
be there to nurse me back to health.

Good, but we're not
in the waryet.

Okay. That was a bad line.
I'm-- I'm Red.
Red S-S-Strange.
- Your last name's Strange?
- Yeah, she's all yours, soldier.

No. It's-- It's Winkle.
Red is such a ladies' man.
- Do you always stutter?
- No. Only when I'm--

She's totally buying it.
- Nervous?
- Yeah.

Why can't I get
something like that?

- Hello.
- Hi.

Danny seems kind ofshy
around the girls.

It's not that he's shy.
He'sjust a little unsure
of himself, you know.

His old man used to
run him down a lot.

Get him in a plane,
he's sure of himself.

He's like my brother.
He's like my best friend.

You know, my right hand.
Which, at the moment,
is a long way south of my waist.