Pootie Tang

So, do you have any girlfriends
at school, Pootie?

Aw, Mama Di. There's a sine
tippi in a classi-ti.

She's a cole toni.
Don't you talk dirty
to your mama, boy.

Always got your head
in them girls.

You need to have
your head in the books.

Leave the ladies alone.
And that's the way it was.
Daddy Tang and his belt
was always there...

teaching Pootie the difference
between good and bad.

Now, when I say he was always there,
I mean he was always there.

Hey, Pootie, let's
steal some apples.

When Pootie was only six,
his mother died...

Leaving him
and his father alone.

- Pootie was very sad.
- I know, son.

But his father
was a comfort to him.

Don't slurp your soup
in here, boy.

Two weeks later,
another terrible tragedy.

His father was fatally injured
at the steel mill.

What the fu--
Gorilla! Gorilla!
It was incredible.
Only the third man to be mauled
by a gorilla at that steel mill.

On his deathbed, Daddy Tang
had Pootie make a solemn promise.

I know
I brought you up tough...

but that's
'cause I love you.

It's tough
out there, Pootie.

You got drugs,
crime, gorillas.

I ain't gonna be here much longer,
so I'm gonna give you this.

Pootie, that's my belt.
As long as you got
right on your side...