Princess of Thieves

You look like more and
more just like your mother.

God rest her soul.
Welcome home father.
That's never young Andrew.
Robin how are you?
You are look well...

Tuck where are you?
Come on you fool.
Ah, Richard the LionHeart
is dying across the neck.

ls doubtful he'll survive
the journey home.

ln fact he might be gone in this very hour.
Well...Here to King John.
May he take the throne for
all of ours sakes

What about Philip?
l thought he want his son
to take the throne.

His son no one has ever seen
Philip will stay in France.

lf he doesn't want to die.
Well said...
Prince John my lord,
l bid you welcome your grace.
ls the test of loyalty,
I'm impressed.

Who's he?
-Cardaggian, yours grace.

I'm your force to be half-metaphor
-I'll remember.

Oh, my old body aches from the ride.
I'm hungary...
-Now seated.