Princess of Thieves

l have been sent to meet
the son of a friend.

Mortal loves but the licking honey
of thorns.

It is insolitude that marry
is cumulated.

This way your highness.
Robin, you are alone?
Where are your men?
ln the forest just beyond.
A moment your highness.
l will return.
We should tell him who is who.
Before I am tempted to take...

Let him go, we have our prize.
You ride back and tell my uncle
That my father and Will Scarlett
is in the castle of Nottingham

My father is a prisoner because of me.
Pride for my stupid, stupid pride!
Pray for that Philip isn't captured
or dead.

Well hurry!
Bring as many men as you can!
I'll meet you at Nottingham.
God is my witness that
l will not let my father die in prison.