Princess of Thieves

He's not from around here is he?
Winfred of Lancaster my lord.
Winfred of Lancaster!
We're done!
His style with a bow.
Doen't it remind you...
-Aye sir.

...Of Robin Hood.
You know the tower on you side.
That's where the prisoner are kept.
Meet me there under the arch.
Take your time.
l haven't eaten for more than a day.
l fill my stomach if I were you.
I'm not think of my stomach right now!
Well, think about getting caught.
And turn into a cell without
a scrap to eat.

That's him.
The man he said he was
Robin Hood.

He lets us in to the trap.
We must leave at once.
What about my father.
Now listen to me,
that man is an assassin.

lf he sees me, we are dead.
And that's no good to your father.