Prozac Nation

How fucking far back do you go?
My mom and dad were
divorced before I was 2.

And from then on, my father
was almost uninvolved in my life...

...and my mother, much too involved.
She wanted to make up
for all her mistakes through me.

One night, there was something
in my pants, like, blood.

My mom said, "Oh, hell, your period.
This is where all the trouble starts."
She was right.
Now Mom and Dad
really had something to fight over.

Then one day, my dad disappeared.
No number, no letters, just gone.
I wrote to Seventeen magazine.
A long letter about us.
They wanted to publish it
as an article but kept asking:

"Your dad going away?
Does he come back?

Does it have a happy ending?"
In reality, it didn't,
but I thought, "What the hell?

I'll give them what they want."
This is it.
Time to go.
Mom, please...
No way are we gonna be late.
We have hours.
Honey, honey, you've got
registration at 4.

Come on, now.
Oh, Lizzie, you wanna take your rug.
- Mom!
- What? Come on.

This is the most important day
of your life.

I thought that's
when you got married.