Prozac Nation

Are you gonna give
me something, doctor?

Not today.
I'm falling.
I can't even finish my article.
Maybe Noah' right.
It' all a scribble.

I don't really have
anything original to say.

Writing can't save me.
Even Harvard can't save me.
How can I escape from
the demons in my head?

- I didn't.
- So, what, did she blow you?

- Did you go...? What?
- Yeah, she fucking blew me, all right?

- But I was drunk.
- You fucking shithead.

How fucking could you?
How fucking...?

Lizzie, stop.
Lizzie, I'm gonna fucking kill you.
I'm gonna fucking kill you, you bitch.
Sam told me. He told me everything.
You losing your virginity,
was that another fucking lie?

You don't understand. Okay?
You don't understand.
It was an accident.

An accident?
You call that a fucking accident?

It was...
It was sort of, you know...

- Come on, what?
- An accidental blowjob.

Oh, fuck you.
I could fucking kill you, Lizzie.
I swear to God, I could fucking kill you.
How could you do that?

Hemingway has this classic moment
in The Sun Also Rises.

When someone asks Mike Campbell
how he went bankrupt...

...all he can say is,
"Gradually, then suddenly."

That' how depression hits.
You wake up one morning
afraid that you're going to live.

I can't believe we're back to this.
You think I wanna be like this?
I don't know. I don't know, Lizzie.