Prozac Nation

These guys, they're smart.
They're really smart.

They know what they're doing.
They can see talent.

I'm probably gonna get assignments
all over the country...

:45:10 I could maybe come visit you.
Who are you talking to, Lizzie?
- It's no one.
- Who is it?

- It's no one.
- Don't listen to her.

Please, Mom.
Look at you, the two of you.
- Go on, you're so in love with him.
- Mom.

Can you hear that?
Hear why I don't call?

Where was he your childhood?
- Where...?
- Stop it! Just stop it!

I just wanted to talk to him!
You know, Lizzie,
I'm at the end of my rope.

I've been working extra hours.
I never go out.

I never buy clothes.
I spend all our money on your therapy.

All our money? Daddy pays, Mom.
You think he pays?
You think he's paying?
He doesn't pay one cent.
Not one single red cent!
That's not true.
Oh, you want me to show you?
Huh? You wanna see?

You want to see how much I'm paying,
still paying...

...on your last term bill? Huh?
Here. Here, look at these.
Look at these.

- There, look at that, Lizzie.
- I'm sorry, Mom.

You wanna see how much
I'm paying this Dr. Sterling?

I'm sorry.
No, you're not gonna
talk your way out of this.

Ask her who pays her!
You know, it's my fault,
for spoiling you the way I did.

I kill myself to get you to Harvard, and
you come back looking like a zombie.

I know. I'm sorry.
I'm so...
Why won't he?
- Why won't he?
- I know. I know, honey. I know.