Qianxi manbo

and while she was at work,
before closing time...

Hao-hao kept calling her.
If she got back late,
he'd be waiting for her
on the stairs.

He was jealous that she worked.
But he never worked himself.
He often called his friends over...
to get high,
pop dexies,
play video games...
and turn the music up loud.
At the hostess bar, she met Jack.
They'd met before in Spin.
Jack often took her home to Keelung.
He liked taking her around.
Jack always had guys with him.
There was always trouble.
Jack never refused anyone.
Everybody liked talking to Jack.
And doing business with Jack.
She knew that Jack spoiled her.
He always brought her along.
He treated her...
as if she were his closest buddy.