Qianxi manbo

If I go to Japan?
Of course.
Your telephone number.
She knew the Takeuchi brothers
from the Texound club.
They reminded her of Hao-hao.
Quiet, shy...
Their father's Taiwanese.
Mother's Japanese.
They were born in Yubari, Hokkaido.
A mining town in the mountains.
Then the mine was shut down.
It became a museum.
Their grandma still lived there.
She kept a very old inn.
Every February,
during the Yubari Film Festival,

their mother asked them
to come back to help.

Ko told her...
Yubari Film Festival was in progress.
They had to work into the small hours
every night.

The inn was packed.
And he said
there was a 'Film Street'.

Above the shops there were billboards
with movie posters.

These were old films.
Tora-san was there.
Ishihara Yujiro.
And Charlie Chaplin.
Takeuchi Jun told her...
the whole family
was converging on Yubari

for his Grandma's
eightieth birthday party.

Everyone wished her
another decade
of health and happiness.