Quo Vadis?

But I praise your choice.
She reminds me of Spring.

I desire her more than ever.
If I could kill Aulus
and Pomponia and abduct her.

Another sleepless night...
I'll have one of my slaves
flogged and listen to his moans.

A simpleton's desires.
I must have her.
If you don't find a way,

I'll find it myself.
I shall think about it.
Wait in the litter.
I see in your eyes a flame
consuming your soul, my lord.

- Can you read fortunes?
- A coin, and you'll learn more.

Love... and death...
are walking by your side.

You will offend gods. Fire
will consume more than your soul.

Go away.
- This is for you.
- Thank you.

- "Satyricon"... whose is it?
- Mine. But that's a secret.

You said you didn't write verse,
but I see not only prose here.

Nero is the reason
poetry makes me nauseous.

Some tickle their throat
with a flamingo's feather,

I read Nero's verses.
Instant relief.

Though heart remains heavy,
the stomach is light.