Quo Vadis?

Before the guests get drunk,
dignify the feast with a song.
The gods know
what those performances cost me...

But since Apollo
blessed me with a gift,
l shouldn't waste it.

Though my sore throat...
- Don't be cruel, sing!
- Do sing, oh Caesar! Please!

For you...
l sing, oh my only one.
ln pain...
l offer you my song...
You are away, oh woe me!
The lilies don mourning,

Water grows bitter with poison,
Wine turns into vinegar.
Come, make lilies

white again,
Give water back its taste,

And let wine regain
its nectaric sweetness.

As to the music,
envy should make Orpheus

as green as Lucan is now.
As to the verses...
Pity they are not worse,
because then l could find
fitting words of praise.

l saw you