Quo Vadis?

so philosophers seek
other ways of earning a living.

Good. What do you need?
- Weapons.
- Of what sort?

Times are hard...
You have asked questions,
now it's my turn.

Noble tribune, have you seen
any signs or charms on Lygia?

Has she drawn
any secret symbols?
Once... a fish in the sand.
A fish! A fish!
- Once or several times?
- Just once.

- A fish, you say?
- Yes.

What does it mean?
May the goddess Fortune
bless you both

- in equal measure, kind sirs!
- The cloak is yours.

Ulysses thanks you
for Theristes!

Salve, Sporus.
Ajar of the dark one.
Sporus, l have been working
with Seneca today,

and he gave me this token
for good-bye.

What is it?
That's... a fish.