Quo Vadis?

Go first.
l'm so happy you've come!
l shall never leave you again.
l am going to save you all.
We will go to Antium,

and sail off to Sicily.
All my properties are yours.
Trust me.
Your household will be mine.
Slaves and gladiators attacked
the citizens near the circus.

The measure is full...
and the calamities will come
like boundless seas.

Take your betrothed
and save her.

And Ursus...
Take Ursus with you.
We shan't leave without you.
l can't leave you here to perish.

The Lord will bless you
for your intentions.

But if you, who are not
my guardian,

refuse to leave me,
how can l abandon my flock
on the day of doom?

Those were words of common sense.
But l know you fear no danger.

l didn't understand this
and l walked in darkness.

But now l love Christ.
l want to serve Him.
And l vow not to leave you
on the day of doom.

l shall never leave you.
You have seen light
and shells fell from your eyes.