Quo Vadis?

l baptise thee, in the name
of the Father, the Son

and the Holy Ghost.
You are our brother now.
Ungrateful, greedy rabble...
they have enough wheat and coal,
what more do they want?

Hearts cry for vengeance,
vengeance wants a victim!

A slate, l'll write this down.
Yes... vengeance demands a victim.
And if we accused Afer
of having burned the city

- and gave him to the raging mob?
- Divinity, who am l?

True, we need someone
more significant. Vitelius.

The fat l carry around
might restart the fire.

You burned Rome.
l did...
on your command.
Tigellinus, do you love me?
Need you ask?
Sacrifice yourself for me.
Divinity, Roman people
are revolting,

do you want the praetorians
to raise against you as well?

The divine Poppaea
summons Tigellinus