Quo Vadis?

Has the noble Vinicius returned?
Yes, my lord,
he has just arrived.

Where is she?
ln the Mamertine prison.
No, not in the dungeons.
l paid the guard

to give her his room.
Ursus is with her.

- Why didn't he defend her?
- They sent fifty praetorians.

- What do you intend to do?
- Either save her,

or die with her.
How are you planning
to save her?

l bribed the guard,
and you are Caesar's friend.

Bring two dark cloaks
and two swords.

We will go there. Give the guards
a hundred thousand sestertia,

or a hundred times as much...
they must release Lygia immediately!

Otherwise it will be too late.
l risk my life. l'm in disfavour.
Caesar will do anything to spite me.

Poppaea hates Lygia.
The girl has been followed.

Free her, or you'll both perish.
Christians to the lions!
Christians to the lions!
Mirmillon, take my good advice
and go your way.

Shout, or l'll break your neck!
Christians to the lions!
You reek of wine
and block my way.

Caesar said, ''Tell Vinicius
to attend the games

in which Christians will appear.''
He'll delight in your pain.

That's why we're still free.