Quo Vadis?

Christians to the lions!
To the lions!
l've spoken with Seneca.
Full of fear for his future,

he argued that Christians,
even if they hadn't burned the city,

should be exterminated.
Terpnos and Diodor took the money
and have done nothing.

Vatinius told Caesar
that l'd tried to bribe him.

- l'll go and and fall at Caesar's feet.
- And if he refuses?

lf he answers with ajest
or a threat?

You shouldn't do that.
That will deprive us of any chances.
At Golgotha l saw God
being nailed to the cross.

l saw them raise the cross
for the crowds to witness
the death of the Son of Man.

l saw them open His side...
and l saw Him die.
And now...
l bless you, my children,
before suffering,
before death...

for eternity.
l know. They have captured
your loved one.

My lord, you knew Christ.
Plead for her.
Have you heard what l told them?