Rölli ja metsänhenki

We´ve observed y ou from af ar
and come to the conclusion -

that we could live as friends.
-Shut up, freaky pix ie.

We´re trolls and this village is
now ours. There´s no room f or y ou.

Get out, go away!
-That´s not f air.

What? Trolls, drive those disgusting
wimpy pukes out of our village.

Shout and bellow
and toss them about!

Growl and bluster!
You, f at boy, show them!
Prance about, go on now!

And y ou f lakey...
We understand.
We don´t want a f ight. We´II leave.

Farewell then, y ou terrible trolls.
What weird creeps.
Buggery bug and all that.
Holy moly, they´re elves
living in the f orest.

We f ind a home
and it´s somebody else´s home.

Oh dear, oh dear...
Old Chief goes away
and turns into a turkey.

Cacophony gets a turban
and Big becomes the new Chief.