Rölli ja metsänhenki

Perhaps y ou could call me
Rolli the Great from now on.

You´re not any greater than bef ore.
-I guess y ou don´t know y et -

that l´ve become the leader
of the trolls.

l´m a great emperor,
the conqueror of Big Troll!

I dance like a butterf ly
and sting like a bee!

Pretty amazing.
Congratulations, Rolli.

Rolli the Great.
What will y ou do f irst?
-I might take a little nap.

Now y ou´ve got a chance
to make things right in the f orest.

The elves aren´t doing well in
the camp. The beach is not our home.

Can´t we move back to the f orest?
There´s enough room f or all of us.

Diff icult, diff icult...
My head aches.

You can take real responsibility
f or the f irst time in y our lif e.

I can´t be expected to do that.
l´m f ar too y oung, l´m barely 400.
Besides, what do elves´ problems
have to do with me? Good day.