Rat Race

Not too shabby.
- Where are you from, Harry?
- From here.

- Las Vegas.
- A local boy makes good.

So, Harry,
what can I do for you?

Okay. Here's what I want.
First we both get naked.
- So far, so good.
- Only we're wearing sailor hats.

And then...
we get into a Jacuzzi...
filled with Pepto-Bismol.
I clip your toenails...
and you shave my buttocks.
Pardon me?
Okay, naked,
Jacuzzi, Pepto-Bismol...

shave my buttocks.

How much would that cost?
Geez, honey,
you have quite an imagination.

How much would it cost?
Well, let's see.
A party like that--
three thousand dollars.
Okay, 3,000.
Who has 3,000?

Carlton had 2,800.
He's the closest.

I think it's okay.
What do you think?

What about those little holes?
Are they bite marks?
That's-- That's how it was.
I'm-- I'm pretty sure.

What am I doing?
I can't go
to El Paso with this.

Look at it.
It's gonna leak like a sieve.

The guy's gonna be alive
for like two minutes and then--