Riding in Cars with Boys

Janet, you were great.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, Tony.

Thank you. We"re going to take
an intermission to eat.

We"II be back. Thank you very much.
You should have danced.
What"s the matter?
My father never asked me to dance.
He"s embarrassed to be seen with me.
You"re crazy.
Nobody"s ashamed
to be seen with you.

How come no one"s come to say hi?
l"m the bride. The only person
to even look at me...

...is crazy Aunt Mildy, who"s
calling me Agnes, my dead cousin.

-Hi, Mildy.

-Know what?
-I love you!

Who cares about them? Right?
No, I know what"s gonna happen.
When you graduate, you"II get sent
to a fancy school. l"II be alone.

With a kid.
-Let"s hear a speech.
-Good idea!

-Speech! Speech!
-Tony, drum roll.

All right!
There are times in a man"s life
when there is cause to celebrate.

-And finding f riends is easy.

But then there are times like this.
And if people are still there,
those are his real f riends.

His real family.
We all know what brought us here.
And the fact you still
saw it in your hearts to come....

Well, you"re in my...