Rock Star

Come on!
Mom! Mom!
Jeez, boys. Quit. Break it up.
Chris, give him a break. Come on.

-Stop it!
-Tell him to get out!

-Used to be my room.
-Not anymore!

Because I moved out when I was 1 8.
-We're having breakfast.
-Keep him out!

Get ready for work.
Will you go downstairs?

-Keep him out!
-All right, he's gone.

So you arrested Mervin
for drunk driving?

He was parked on
the Brennemans' lawn.

Claims he was going out for ice cream.
Same story.

-Chris, so how was the show?
-It was fine.

-The freaks were out in force.
-Why weren't you busting heads?

-Female officers handle that crowd.
-You want to go?

-Come on.
-Saved again. Should take her to work.

-Good one.
-Did they do "Black Babylon"?

They haven't played that
since Osaka in '75.

-That is pathetic that you know.
-I love that song.

Okay, genius,
who's buried in Grant's tomb?

It's twisted that you're still living
at home, stealing Ma's makeup.

Who's buried in Grant's tomb?
How much longer will you
put up with this?

The rock star fantasy thing is
something you grow out of at 14.

If I get lucky, I'll get to grow up
and listen to Air Supply like you.

What's wrong with Air Supply?
Nothing, if you're
from the Village People.

You know what the sickest thing
is about you?

It's that you don't have
any fantasies of your own.

You fantasize about
being somebody else.

Wearing somebody else's clothes.
Singing somebody else's songs.

It's pathetic.
-Get a haircut.
-Okay, Satan's allegiant.

Have a good one, son.
-You didn't eat.
-Later. I love you guys.

Love you too.
-I love you.
-You do this every time.