Rush Hour 2

[ woman singing in Cantonese ]
[ Cantonese ]
[ indistinct ]
[ continues ]
How you doin', baby ? Carter, James Carter. Baldwin hills.
Isabella Molina. From San Juan.
San Juan ? I know San Juan. Mm-hmm.
I've traveled there many times on my private plane.
You must know my good friend Pedro Morales Magonzales Marato Molaso Mondustos.
I don't think so, no. -You sure ?
Well, I'm sorry. I thought you rode in the best of circles.
But listen. Make yourself feel at home.
You need anything--champagne, caviar- -My yacht is your yacht.
This is your yacht ?
That's right. I'm the owner.
The captain. El Capitan.
El captain ? Yes. Listen.
I'm not gonna play games with you. I want you right now.
I see me and you downstairs in one of those bathrooms...
in about five minutes.
Well, I'm very tempted. It's such a beautiful yacht.
What's it called ?
What's it called ? -Mm-hmm. Your yacht.
The S.S. Minnow Johnson.
The S.S. Minnow Johnson ? -Yeah.
Funny. The name on the back was the Red Dragon.
The Red Dragon ? Are you sure ?
Oh, I'm sure. Because this is my friend's yacht.