Russian Doll

Follow me.
Sir, what are you looking at?
Shall we continue?

What do I see? Nothing for the moment.
Some people are obviously waiting
for something.

Let's proceed with caution.
These madmen could eat you.

They liked your hair,
Of course, good writers always have
beautiful hair.

-Be more careful and quiet now.
-I'm following you,

-CIose the door quickly.
-It's done,

When I was Iast received here
at the Winter Palace...

it was being renovated after the terrible fire.
-The parquet doesn't creak.
-It doesn't creak,,,,

-The ambassador of Persia!
-Excuse us for being Iate.

Sir, Iet's go.
The ambassador of His Highness the Shah...
Prince Khozrev-Mirza...
the son of the future Shah,
with his entourage.

-Do you know what is happening?
-Not yet,

We are witnesses.
Nicholas I received an apology
from the Persian emissaries...

regarding the murder of Russian diplomats.
Griboedov was one, I think.
How interesting.
Are you able to see?
What uniforms!
Luxury, empire...