Save the Last Dance

I used to.
l've go tsomething for you.

It's for love,
not luck.

Because you don't need luck,
you dance like an angel.

You're the best luck
l'll ever have.

Are you okay ?

I kept messing up
these pirouettes.

It's really frustrating,
but it'll be okay.

My mom's going to be there.
She's going to drive me.

You've nothing to worry about,
you're going to do absolutely fine.

You're the best dancer
in Lemont.

Lindsay, this is not Lemont.
This is Juilliard, New York City.

- Do you want to pray ?
- What ?

You're leaving for St. Louis. I'm
not gonna see you. We should pray.

- Lindsay--
- Father, S.J. auditions today,

let her do okay.
[Woman] We've got the Carson
wedding, the Dankowski-party,

two funeralsand Jill
calls in sick today, of all days.

Sara, I'm sorry. I have to handle
this, there isn't anybody else.

- Mom, what about--
- Glynn? Do they want roses in this?

- lt doesn 't say what color mums.
-Judy took that order, ask her.

Mom ? This is the hardest,
most important day of my life.

You have to be there.
You promised.

I know.
- Excuse me, are you Sara Johnson ?
- Yes.

You're next.