Save the Last Dance

- Hey, what's up ?
- We're in here.

Shawna ! Sara, Shawna.
Shawna, Sara.

Hi, love.
So, this place is tight, right ?

- It's so cool.
- What is up with this place ?

Seems like they're letting
anybody in.

And they started
with you.

l'm Nikki.
Alyssa, Jasmin.

You know Diggy, right,
Marcia ?

It's Sara, actually.

I know you, though.
You're in my gym class, right ?

- That don't mean you know me.
- Quit it, Nikki.

Quit what ?
I ain't walking on eggshells...

just 'cause you brought
the Brady Bunch to the Negro club.

Maybe you came to
the wrong spot,

'cause I'm pretty sure
there aren't any Negroes here.

Doh !
I'm pretty sure
you came with one.

Oh, no, wench.
You did not just call me a Negro !

- Y'all just chill, okay.
- Why don't you tell her to chill ?

She the one that's
always got something to say.

I could say a lot more.
You keep talking, Nikki,

I will lay
all your shit bare.

Dang. Why you gotta
burn her like that, Chenille ?

'Cause I can't stand her ass
and the way she played my brother.

[Rap, lndistinct]