Scenes of the Crime

Got a box or something?
-Cardboard, paper, something to write on.

-Hey, man, you can't do that.
-Watch me.

Sorry, I was just about to move it.
My grandmother lives in an apartment there.
She's 78 years old, she can't walk.

My grandfather is dying in the hospital.
He wants to see her. It's his last request.

Cut the bullshit.
I was just on the phone with the hospital
two minutes before you pulled up.

Come on,
I'm just asking you for two minutes.

Just give me enough time
to carry her down here. Have some mercy.

Come on.
The best I could do is let you ride with me...
you pay your fine,
take the van back right away.

I'm just asking you for a favor here.
In the name of Jesus.

-Jesus doesn't sign my paycheck.
-Of course.

Let's take care of the fine right now,
right here.

-No, you got the wrong idea.
-Eliminate that extra step.

I appreciate it. Thank you very much
for your understanding.