No. You pay me
to keep away the bad news.

- Bring it on.
- Lars' dates in Stockholm
sold out in eight hours.

That means we're gonna
have to add some more shows.
So we'll bump Paris--

Sorry. I don't wanna
spoil anyone's party,

but Lars and I have
already set the dates
for our honeymoon and our wedding,

and I've told my patients
when I'm going.

Well, baby, your patients can do
without you for a couple weeks.

He's right, Sara.
I mean, a couple of extra weeks
in Europe aren't gonna kill you.

Caroline's just pushing you
to stay longer...

'cause she wants us
to house-sit for you guys.

Yeah, thank you.
I was going to ask her
when she was drunk.

- Actually, that's a great idea.
- Yeah?
- Yes!

Come on, Kip.
Let's get out of here
before Sara changes Lars' mind.

- I said something wrong?
- No, it's--

I've just got
a very detailed schedule...

and my patients
are important too.

- I don't like changing
the dates at the last minute.
- Excuse me. I'm sorry.

But I really need you to approve
these T-shirt designs forAustralia.

- Oh, no problem.
- You don't mind, do you?

- Can we do this later?
- Yeah.

She don't mind.
That's chamomile
for you ladies.

- Nice and hot. Very good.
- Thanks.

Sara, it was a movie poster.
It's no big deal.

It's peculiar though, right?
Don't you think?

Look, I thought you were through
with all this New Age bullshit...

like horoscopes and feng shui
and all the crap.

Eve, for someone
who owns a New Age store,
you are alarmingly earthbound.