Shiqi sui de dan che

Starting today,
you're an employee
of Fei Da Express Delivery.

We bathed you
and cut your hair.

'Cause we want to change
your image.

So that you country kids
can blend in

and represent our company.
Your image is our image.
You must treasure
this opportunity.

The bikes we gave you
are your livelihood.

These are upscale
mountain bikes.

You may not have ever
seen them before.

We gave you such good bikes
for a good company image
and to ensure your efficiency.
So we can compete
with other companies.

But let me say this first.
This bike is not a gift.
When you start,
we split 80:20 with you.
We get 80%, you get 20%.
When you earn enough money,
the bike is yours.
After that, we go 50:50.