Sidewalks of New York

It was pretty cool 'cause I had
never been in a Cadillac before.

I was a late bloomer.
It was my junior year at college.

I lost it to the woman
I eventually married, Maria.

I really only had sex with one woman
up until that point...

and that's probably why
I got divorced.

I was only 1 6...
and he was much older.
He worked with my mother. My parents
got divorced when I was nine.

He used to come over to the house
for dinners and parties and things.

Then he started coming over when
he knew my mom wouldn't be home.

And then just one thing
kinda led to another.

And before I even knew
what was happening...

I was having my first affair
with a married man.

When I first had sex?
My dad drove me down...

from our apartment in the Bronx,
where we lived.

He took me to the Upper East Side
to some high-class whorehouse.

And she said her name
was Cherry Pie.

I always liked that name--
Cherry Pie.

Let's just say I have a very clear
image of her in my mental file.

He was the sweetest guy.
We went to high school together.

We wanted to wait till we
got married-- that Catholic thing.

But I wanted to do it
before my 1 8th birthday.

So we went to this
bed-and-breakfast in Saratoga...

and we just made love
for three straight days.

Then we went off to college
and promised to be faithful.

And then what happened?
Well, I was faithful
for the first semester...

and he came back after Christmas
break and told me he was gay.

So I guess he was a little sweeter
than I would've liked.

Okay, wait a second, Sue.
I mean, this is unbel--

You know, I mean, come on!
Where did this come from? How long
have you been thinking about this?

You just drop this on me
all of a sudden today?

- I don 't even know--
- Stop. You're stuttering. Okay?

It's over. It's simple. Pack
your shit, get out by the weekend.

this is like a shock to me.

I don 't know what else you
want me to say. It's simple.