Siu lam juk kau

but I never imagined
anything like this.

The Evil Team isn't that good.
They're taking some kind of drug.
Call the police!
we should try our best to keep going.

We'll win in the end!
My house is on fire.
I need to run!

I'm sorry.
My mom is giving birth right now.

I should go home and take care of her.
Ask her to wait.
You can't give up!
They're not playing soccer.
They're killing us!

I beg you.
Please don't leave us!

I beg you back.
Please let me go!
Calm down!
Calm Down!

Yes, he's right!
We should keep going.
Now we have just eight players.
If there is one more injury,
we'll fail.

We must try our best to fight for the killer kick.
How come?
If you fight for one killer kick, I'll fight for three.

What are you talking about?
Calm down!
Calm down!

Calm down!
I'm not sure if I have the strength.
Shaolin Lou Han Array!
Can't stand for a shot!
Are you okay?
-I'm fine!