Sordid Lives

- Where's the stole, LaVonda?
- On Mama, where it belongs.

Ooh-ee, look at all this food.
You're just doing this out of spite,
LaVonda Jane.

Mama's gonna look like a fool
wearing that fur in all this heat.

Noleta came by and brought
a tuna casserole, and I refrigerated it.

She's real worried how this is gonna
affect y'all's friendship.

She kicked G.W. out,
and I gave her some Valium.

- That's sweet.
- You mean it's true?

Of course it's true.
There's a police record
on it and everything.

Why wouldn't you think it was true?
This ain't gonna affect our friendship.
Well, I told her that,
but she's real worried.

- You ought to go see her.
- I can't believe it.

- Did they arrest G.W.?
- For what? Leaving two wooden legs
in the wrong place?

No. They just had to investigate,
you know...

given the circumstances and all.
I read the coroner's report.
Mama hit her head on the sink...
and the blow caused her brain
to be flooded with blood.

- She internally hemorrhaged to death.
- Oh.

Subdural hematoma
is what they called it.

- Oh.
- [ Sissy ] Bless her heart.

They say she never suffered.
I just think Sister felt cooped up
all those years with your daddy.

You know how he was.
- She just, you know, had needs.
- Needs?

Yes, needs, Latrelle.
Some of us have needs.

It's run in this family.
Although, I'm quite convinced
it must have skipped a gene or something
when you was born.

- [ LaVonda Chuckles ]
- I have needs too, I'll have you know.

I just don't make mine public.
Well, I don't recall any of mine
being made in a public place, Latrelle.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same.
- You are awful.
- Guilty.

- [ Both Laughing ]
- Our one and only mama has died...

by tripping over two wooden legs
and hitting her head on the sink
in a seedy motel room...